Where Do You Stand in This Battlefield?

Posted: 12th June 2010 by Jen in General, War
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By Jen Wen Luoh

War is a sharp blade, cutting deep into the history of mankind. Its inescapable force is powerful, with the ability to influence our past, present, and future. War itself should not be condemned and shunned as it shaped the world we know and live in. There is no life devoid of conflicts and struggles in this fallen and imperfect world. An unresolved conflict either becomes a long and arduous cold war or a full-blown armed invasion. There will be battles that you will have to fight, from inside your head to the world around you. How will you pick your fights?

When you sift out the unessential, what matters to you at the end?  Some fight for money, power, and self-interest, while others fight for freedom of speech, for human dignity, against slavery and racial discrimination, and to protect important values. Whether seeking victory over an adversary or defending your own cause, you will have to choose a side. Many enter the war zone involuntarily. Life is never fair. While the villagers in southern Sudan are under constant attack, technological and information invasions are threatening the minds of North Americans. There is no escape from the voices and forces seeking to assimilate and control our lives.

In war, there is no neutral ground, only fighters and casualties. Caught in the middle of an unwanted clash, or fighting for what you believe in, sacrifice is inevitable. Lives are paid for the future they are striving for, or for the ideals of others. War cripples. However, if the victory at the end is worth infinitely more than the loss along the way, then the sacrifice is justified. Not knowing what you are fighting for and why you are fighting is a greater pity.

While war devastates, finding hope, love, and faith in darkness and death is the only comfort. If God is an omniscient and omnipotent God, shouldn’t He know of mankind’s suffering? Shouldn’t He, in all His loving kindness, cease all fighting and bring peace to the world that He loves? Doesn’t He at least care? In the midst of pain, His war is greater than ours. Rather than ceasing the fire around us, He gives peace in the hearts of those who are willing to accept it, a peace that no one can ever take. He finds us in the war zones, He meets us in our darkest moments, and He is our refuge and strength. He knows what has happened and what will come to pass. Will you give Him your shaking hand?

In an endless sea of death, hope is the stronger power, birthing new life. A blossoming flower springing from a field of entangled thorns is true beauty indeed.

A war, or multiple wars are happening around you. Air raids, bombs, land mines, and machine guns are everywhere. Whether you like it or not, you’re in a battlefield. What will you fight for and who will you trust?