Take on War

Posted: 11th June 2010 by Yolanda Wong in General, War
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By Yolanda Wong

What is war?

War is a battle of interest between two parties. Nowadays, militaries march out against each other under the banner of equality, human rights, and the “greater” cause. Each time, the poorest of all people, the passionate youngsters, women and innocent children always get caught in the middle.  What is right and what is wrong? All depends on which side you are.

Why is there war in Iraq?  In Afghanistan?   Reluctantly I would answer: I don’t know. Am I too out of touch with the big issues of our society? Did I miss anything on mine outrageously busy days at work? Or am I just an ignorant and spoiled shopaholic who do not care a bit about the rest of the world? May be not. The fact is, I don’t think that anybody can explain it in one or two sentences. The reasons are so grayish and mixed with political interests that justice is no longer the real reason behind them.  Sometimes I wonder if, as a society, we have regressed in our moral principles. Nothing is white or black anymore, we are taught to be politically correct. At least during the WWII, our forefathers knew that they are fighting for justice against something or someone truly evil.  So, what is war in our modern society? Its no longer a fight for justice, but a battle of principles which are fluctuating between gray zones. The wars are controlled by powers which no longer represent their people but the interests of the few elites.

Sometimes I wonder, if countries were governed by women only, will there be any wars?

“Cat fights” are all about bitchy talks and stabbing  behind people’s back with words and rumors. If we hate each other, we will stop talking to each other. We rarely act out. We don’t want to conquer the world, but only to conquer the heart of the one we love. Therefore, I can hardly imagine fellow sisters taking up guns and knives, fighting against each other. I can neither imagine why a mother would send her sons to kill sons of other mothers. Yet, we see a lot of female suicide bombers, even some with children. Why is it? Are they doing it for the love of their children and believing that in doing so, it will buy a better future for them? I think that women and men do not start a war or fight for the same reason. We fight out of maternal instinct for our families, our loved ones and for our children . We are beautiful and peaceful, unless feel threatened. We will only be  as fearless as tigers if the enemies come close to our loved ones.


Do we really know what we are doing by waging war against each other? Do our leaders really know what they are doing by building more and more powerful weapons? Is this going to be another tower of Babel? As human beings, are we relying too much on our own intelligence, which is only foolishness in the eyes of God?

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Yolanda! I’ve always been thinking about the question, “If women ruled the world, how would it be like?” Well, maybe we’d have cold wars rather than physical attacks. Of course, women or men in leadership should be able to settle disputes rather than going into warfare of any sort. However, if we look at history, then that is definitely not the case. Even today, wars are happening all over, but which one couldn’t be resolved with wise negotiations? And on bigger issues affecting this planet, such as climate change, food security, depletion of natural resources, poverty, and so on, there is no clear decisions and actions. Meetings go on and on.