By Us

We live in a world full of extremes:

  • West Coast and East Coast
  • Rich and Poor
  • War and Peace
  • Love and Hate

Such is a world that we need to cope with everyday, and there is much to reflect on, countless unanswered questions that need to be tackled. While a question on why war is still raging on in the Middle-East is crucial to our understanding of humanity, a puzzling question on love and relationship is equally important.

Our hope is to bring the two together in a harmonious clash and to break into forbidden territories. As love and war is our daily struggle and inspiration, we will share with you our fresh and candid perspectives. Will you join us as we beat the drum, sound the trumpets and raise our voices to a new way of thinking?

Welcome to the battlefield, the place between love and war.

Click here to enter the field.

  1. Sean says:

    Lucia, it is a delight to read your thoughts and ideas. I especially love your post “All the Single Ladies”, to which I very much relate :)

    Truthfully though, I will definitely follow your works, and really do look forward to it. Your blog is very professional, keep up the good work (and get writing!).


  2. Cecile Quach says:

    I hope this blog will touch the hearts of many and help people in many different ways!

  3. Lucia says:

    Dear Sean, the professional (and awesome) look of our blog is all because of my fellow blogger and friend Jen. If u ever need any tips, you can ask her! I’m glad you liked the post, if you have time, could you also write on a similar topic, from a guy’s perspective?

    Dear Cecile – thanks for visiting! hope to see more of you.. I think I caught a glimpse of you in Montreal when I was visiting last March. (you guys grow up too fast!)

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